What happens next once you are online?

what happen when you are online Now that we are here what next is the question? It seems to be increasingly painstaking to determine and draw out a plan because of the initial pitch that sold off, because of which you turned into; to be online, is missing its goal. However the overall strategy and depth of the direction to move ahead is suddenly blank and seeming to be short lived. Also a brief about what kind of branding / marketing / exposure needed for what industry / market all these are all together a very vital symptoms which signify the health of the effort. We shall be discussing the above some time later, but the question that stands today is what next?

Creating an online presence..
You have connected yourself to countless millions watching over you. Trying to sell, grab your attention or simply just sharing information for gaining subscription, like, tweets etc. There is a good and a bad to it. The good part is, your physical boundaries are not stopping your ability to sell by a physical market boundaries, your knowledge is not limited to best tutor next door, but the best tutor in the world. The bad part is, if you are not here, you are not reaching out to potential customers. Also Data is there in the servers of email service providers, browsers, social media sites etc. the fact is your data is out there and that is how it is, internet has its own price.

What are we trying to communicate ?
In all honesty and simplicity we are just saying that I exist, you surely do it without it; as well, however you are calling out loud in the virtual world, that hey dont forget me I am right here, selling this product, buying that, liking that genre of music and viewing so many channels on youtube, you are creating a trail about your likes, dislikes, buying patterns a more holistic you. Which is not showcased directly, however helps to determine your traits, your patterns.

How are we communicating ?
We are communicating with every click on the mouse, every word on the post, like, subscribe and comment on the internet. Also contributing of public posts is how we are communicating. We write reviews, views. All of this data is stored in the form of information. Now communication is also on when you are clicking on emails, checking how many times in a day. The idea is to communicate in a more planned fashion, which helps to create or reach the impact that is being looked forward for. We want to achieve something and to achieve we have to communicate that aye, I need this and then it is responded. The real quest are you able to communicate that generates a need, a want or a good to have effect? Personalise the conversation, nobody likes Dear Sir / Mam !

When do we communicate ?
Do it, when it is most comfortable for the customer. I would re type this again, most suitable, comfortable for the reader / customer. The idea is to project yourself but in a fashion that when the customer is searching for you. Creating a recall helps, but more than that the access to you helps. That whenever the customer needs, he would come to you, or whenever customer needs you; you are there. Is more off that is required than hello anybody home I was trying to deliver something you already have, you dont want or worse customer asking who are you and you looking for?

Why are we communicating ?
It is sad but true, we compel under circumstances! We create because of need. We breath by taking it for granted and worse we communicate without knowing why we are? This is most important question that has to be asked whenever you are taking ahead your vision online. Why are we doing it? That it should be an absolute mission which would be taken forward with every tweet, post, image, whatsapp, press, event etc. It has to deliver the larger vision of you and the company or the immediate mission at hand.

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Posted : October 28, 2017


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