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story of making What are you really doing out there? Every ad is an opportunity to position or re-position the brand! As when you exist, you are a brand, anybody thinking other wise, either should not be part of the team, or in case of your customer claiming the same, you should drop that customer. The reach of the brand may or may not reach out to millions, however cause you exist, you are the brand.

In this era of short-lived-ness i.e. being remembered for a very short while, not because the human cannot remember but because of the lack of impact on the human race, which is limiting! The question arises how do I create something worth; that would last, not till my pay day but for a bit more longer. That is the question, you would need to ask every single day, period!

Don’t you choose, because it is the ticket size that matters, yes it does matter. However what matters more is what you can deliver over the period of time which is going to benefit you, organisation and the customer. In the enlightened world of google, everybody can do everything. They can track down the syndromes and become doctors, check the reach on facebook and say it all it takes is to boost. Would you really be comfortable getting treated by self pro-claimed doctor? Or it is just the boost which works? There is much and much more than just that. Now what is that much more is what you create, the story you create.

Assuming you are able to build the context of where all this is coming from. Why every stroke of change in the creative, every word chosen makes all the difference. That change is what makes a brand to reach out to you. Everybody wants to be that big, not everybody is believing that they can be that big. It is self defining logic which works, you seek, you follow, you reach, you decide to move further or that is all I ever needed.

Understand this is the story of making, ask questions, don’t worry if it makes no clear sense to ask. Even the but obvious, is not obvious as that is the whole differentiating factor between the one you are working for and the one you are not. There is no bypassing the information, past information, product information, brand information, even previous people worked on the projects, get as much as information you can, in a speculated, time bound limitations. You will never know everything, but you would come across that one adjective which helps to define what that brand should stand for or stands for. Then make the relevant call.

Everybody needs things to be done now, haven’t come across a client saying, sure you take your time. On the other hand also dealt with customers wherein they say, you should have done this yesterday. The sense of urgency is good but when imposed is bad, futile without a justified cause. Your timelines are bound by the information, knowledge you have gathered and not on the urgency of the customer. Urgent customers, need urgent results without going to the depth of the cause for which it did not work before. If it did not work, without understanding moving forward, it would not work even now. Stay focused, stay updated, read as much as you can and remember, it just not the fastest who wins, but the one who makes all the difference.

Every canvas you draw, is the story in making

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Posted : October 21, 2017


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