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7 Must Questions before you go for the next campaign!

Questions before next campaign The world has seen an immense exponential change with regards to businesses.Businesses which are redundant now, compared to decade or two decades back, because of the technology playing a vital role, to new businesses being setup due the same reason. […]

Posted : May 31, 2018

How does content marketing work?

dygn media logo When you have content it works! Was all I had to say, trust me it after a long and very long conversations over a period of time, wherein I decided for this to put this to rest. However it is important why are promoting content marketing, what are the matrix of analysis used to determine the effectiveness of content marketing, where are we planning to […]

Posted : November 24, 2017

What happens next once you are online?

what happen when you are online Now that we are here what next is the question? It seems to be increasingly painstaking to determine and draw out a plan because of the initial pitch that sold off, because of which you turned into; to be online, is missing its goal. However the overall strategy and depth of the direction to move ahead is suddenly blank and seeming to be short lived. […]

Posted : October 28, 2017

Why following is more important to be in business ?

following is important in business Was hearing the pod cast, talking music on Saavn of Shaan (one of my favourite singers in Hindi music). The interesting things to hear was, you are as big as your social media is – Shaan. Also something like I dont want to go and ask for work, cause it shouldn’t be Shaan is coming now and asking for work. However the fact remains yes […]

Posted : October 23, 2017

Story of making…

story of making What are you really doing out there? Every ad is an opportunity to position or re-position the brand! As when you exist, you are a brand, anybody thinking other wise, either should not be part of the team, or in case of your customer claiming the same, you should drop that customer. The reach of the brand may or may not reach out to millions, […]

Posted : October 21, 2017

Why advertise? Why promote? And why not!

Why advertise? why promote? Briefly to put forward to advertise is to describe or draw attention to a product. To promote is to support or actively encourage; further the progress of the product. And why not because though similar advertise and promote have a different function all together. The difference to simply be put, as why to use a product and what product to use. Why; would explain and create […]

Posted : September 19, 2017

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